Winter Futsal!

Our RSA program is  open to players of all skill-sets and talents. Sessions run one hour and consist of small sided games where teams are rotated quickly in and out. It is a LOT of fun, helps to develop ball control and improves a player’s ability to make accurate, short passes. A futsal ball is used which is heavier and does not bounce as much as a regular soccer ball. Sign up on Community Pass!


– D2 players grade 9-12

– D3 boys, grade 7&8

– D3 and D4 girls, grade 5-8


The cost is $35 for 8 one hour sessions


– D2:  George Washington Middle School (new Gym). The Program runs every Wednesday staring on January 22nd from 9-10pm.

– D3 Boys: Ridge Elementary School.  The Program runs every Sunday staring on January 26 from 12-1pm.

– D4 & D3 Girls: Ridge Elementary School. The Program runs every Sunday staring on January 26 from 2-3pm.

There will be no sessions on Sunday February 16th and Wednesday February 19th.

What a great season!

On behalf of the RSA:  Thank you to all of the coaches that volunteered their time and passion to make this a fantastic season.  Thank you to all the players for your hard work, devotion, loyalty.  Thank to you all the parents for making this all possible! We hope to see you again next season!

Check back soon to see information on winter futsal and when registration will open for next season!