Featured Division: Division 4 In-Town

The In-Town Division 4 (5th and 6th Grade) Boys and Girls are competing every Saturday and having spectacular success!!

The field and goal dimensions are larger than in younger divisions.  With six players on the pitch, plus a goalie, the kids now can begin to see some true defensive and offensive formations with midfielders, depending on the lineups.  The competition continues to improve as the kids receive professional training once during the week.  The kids are thrilled as they see their skills carry over from the practice field into games.

Goalkeepers’ skills are improving as well.  Positioning, catching, throwing and punting are part of the keeper’s job in Division 4.  The bigger goals mean there is more net to protect, but these 5th and 6th Graders are up to the challenge!

It is still all about good fun, exercise and big smiles!!!

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