Rapinoe’s Perfect Spot Yields the Perfect Shot

The U.S. Women’s National Team proved their goal-scoring prowess yet again. Hosting Guatemala last week as part of the CONCACAF Women’s Championship — which serves as a qualifier for the 2015 Women’s World Cup — the U.S. scored four goals in the second half, resulting in a 5-0 victory. The fifth goal was a stunner from Megan Rapinoe. Watch as she moves into open space, lurks at the top of the penalty area, waits for a rebound and then sends a curling one-touch shot into the net.

Be sure to watch this clip a few times to see how Rapinoe moves. Young soccer players tend to crowd around the ball and this is the perfect example of how being in the right position away from the ball can result in a goal. Try this in your next RSA game!

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