Q:  When can I register for RSA soccer?
A:  Registration for grades K – 12 are open for early registration prices: April 24 – May 31.  All registrations after May 31 will be charged the normal rate which is $30 more than the posted price. Travel team registrants may be waitlisted based on team availability.

Q:  How do I register?
A:  All registrations are completed online through Community Pass.

Q:  How do I contact RSA with questions?
A: You can email registrar.ridgewoodsoccer@gmail.com with questions and/or comments.

Q:  Can I request to have my child be on the same team as his/her friend?
A:  With over 1,300 players who need to be placed on teams, we are unable to honor requests for specific team assignments.

Q:  How will I know if a game is canceled due to poor weather conditions?
A:  Alerts will be posted on the website, through our Twitter account, and through contacts via coaches.

Q:  Where can I find specific details about RSA programs?
A:  Visit the Programs section of this website for complete details about age-specific programs.

Q:  If my child withdraws from the program can I get a refund?
A:  For Divisions 2 – 6: RSA must make financial commitments for uniforms, fields, equipment, insurance, league fees, etc.  Therefore, we do not issue refunds after July 31.  Refunds issued prior to the deadline are assessed a $25 processing fee.
For Kinderkickers: Refunds will only be issued prior to the start of the third scheduled session, minus $25 to cover RSA’s expenses such as uniform, ball, credit card processing fee, etc.

Q: Is there a maximum registration fee when I register multiple family members?
A:  The RSA has a family maximum of $325.00.

Q:  What equipment is required for my child to participate?
A:  All players MUST wear shin guards.  Cleats are recommended, but not required, for players in 1st through 4th grade.  Cleats are mandatory for players in 5th through 12th grade.

Q:  What equipment will my child receive from RSA?
A:  Players in Kinderkickers, 1st & 2nd grade, and special needs receive a shirt and soccer ball.  Players in 3rd through 12th grade receive a shirt, shorts, and socks (no ball).

Q: How can I submit a photo for a coach or player travel pass?
A:  Players and coaches must upload a recent photo to their Community Pass profile before registering. Photos should be clear, passport style headshots.

To upload a photo to your Community Pass profile:

  • Log in to your Community Pass account and on the top left click on “My Account” and select “Account Information”. NOTE: On mobile devices, you may only see an icon shaped like a person.
  • Click “Edit” next to the name of the person for whom you would like to add a photo.
  • Scroll down and where it says “Upload photo” click on the “Choose File” button.
  • Either browse and select the file you want or, if you are on a smartphone/tablet, you can choose the camera icon and take a new photo.
  • Scroll down and click “Save Changes”

Q:  Why is it necessary to provide a photo for travel players?
A:  RSA participates in the NWBSA league. Based on league rules, the coach of each travel team is required to present a player pass with photo to the referee at the beginning of each game for all team members. Without a photo pass, the referee will not allow the player to participate in the game.

Q:  When does the season begin and end?
A:  The season begins in early September and runs through mid-November.  Please see the Schedules page for more information.

Q:  Where can I find game and practice schedules?
A:  Game and practice schedules are posted on the Schedules page.  This section will be updated with current season schedules late August. Select “In-Town team” or “Travel team,” depending on your child’s enrollment.

Q:  Are there practices in addition to games?
A:  Yes. Practices are scheduled one weekday afternoon/evening for in-town and travel players.  Check the Schedules page for exact days and times. Kinderkickers and special needs players do not have weekday practices.

Q:  When are games played?
A:  Games are played on Saturdays for 1st through 4th-grade in-town programs.  Girls 5th through 8th-grade play on Saturdays.  Boys 5th through 8th-grade play on Sundays.  High school teams play on Sundays.

Q:  Where can I find directions to Ridgewood fields?
A:  Directions to fields in Ridgewood can be found on the Fields page.

Q:  Where can I find directions to fields outside of Ridgewood for travel team games?
A:  Directions for RSA travel games are available on the Northwest Bergen Soccer Association (NWBSA) website at http://www.nwbsa.org. At the bottom of the page, select “Ridgewood,” then choose your child’s team.  Click “View Next Game” or “View Full Schedule,” then click the “map” link for location and directions.

Q:  When will I be notified of team assignment?
A:  All In-Town players will be contacted by their coach with team assignment and game schedule around Labor Day. Travel team players should hear from their coach in late August.

Q:  How do I volunteer to coach?
A:  We welcome new and returning coaches for Divisions 2 – 6.  You can register to coach by accessing your family’s Community Pass account.  Be sure to select your own name during registration.
Kinderkickers parents can register as assistant coordinators at the same time you register your child.  No coaching experience or soccer knowledge is necessary.  Help the pro trainers organize and support the kids.

Q:  Are there any requirements for coaches?
A:  All coaches (In-Town and Travel):
– Undergo a background check performed by the National Security Alliance (details available during registration)
– Complete concussion awareness online training on the CDC’s Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports site
– Have a desire to encourage the kids and make soccer fun. Basic soccer knowledge is helpful, but not required.
Travel coaches:
– In addition to the background check and concussion training, the Rutgers SAFETY Course must also be completed.
Further information can be found on the coach’s page.

Q:  Is my child eligible to referee?
A:  Your child must be in 7th grade or higher and have played at least one year of traveling soccer (RSA, Maroons or another travel program where licensed referees are used). Eligible youth referees can be registered using their family’s Community Pass account.

Q:  Is financial assistance available?
A:  RSA believes no child should be denied participation due to financial stress on a family. If you require financial assistance, please contact us at registrar.ridgewoodsoccer@gmail.com with a personal note explaining your circumstances. RSA will consider adjusting the fee.

Q: Can my child wear earrings or other jewelry?
A: No. For the safety of all players, jewelry of any kind is prohibited on the field at games and practices. This includes, but is not limited to, earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced, please allow enough time for the piercings to heal prior to opening day so that earrings can be removed before entering the field.

Q:  I am interested in joining the RSA board of directors.  Who should I contact?
A:  Send a note to registrar.ridgewoodsoccer@gmail.com expressing your interest and the RSA president will contact you.

Q:  How can I make a tax deductible donation to help support RSA?
A:  Donations can be made during registration and accessing your family account.

Q: All players, parents, volunteers and other participants in RSA have the right to present concerns and have conflicts and grievances resolved.  Click here to view the RSA’s complete policy.

A: Link to Grievance Policy    Active RSA — Grievance Policy