Scholarship Program

Each year the RSA awards scholarships to Ridgewood High School Seniors who have demonstrated, through example, the power of teamwork – in life as well as sport, the value of community service, and the rewards that come from positive effort.

All our recipients have participated in our program, first as young players, and some in later years as referees and mentors to a new generation of young players learning the great game of soccer.

In recognition of their positive contribution to the program and to our community, we are pleased to present scholarships each year to deserving Ridgewood High School Seniors.

Scholarship Recipient

2015      Akash Chaurasia,  Amanda de Vera,  Kathleen McKeon,  Shen-Jie Syz

2014       Amanda Muccio,  Raymond Turro,  Spencer Kates

2013       Alanna Kai Alvarez-Guido,  Maura Feeney,  Connor Pechko

2012       Alexa Manderano,  Anna Caliendo,  Peter Goodman

2011       Christine Reynolds,  Clare Keating,  Daniel Fernandez


Ridgewood Soccer Association Scholarship Requirements
  • A minimum of three scholarships available to graduating seniors.
  • Number of awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and based on quality of applicants and applications.
  • Consideration will be made based on the following items:
    • Prior Participation in one or more RSA programs
    • College bound or other post-graduate educational program
    • Accompanying one-page letter on the topic “How has participation in RSA programs benefitted you?” and your educational plans following graduation from high school
    • Community service and/or volunteer activities
    • Returning the Local Scholarship Common Application by Janruary 16th