Coach Celebrates RSA Season in Style

An end-of-season RSA cake from Carlo's Bakery in Ridgewood. Photo: Tina York

As we walked the field at Somerville School on RSA’s final day of in-town games yesterday, we noticed a gathering of happy players and parents crowded around a table. Tables at soccer fields are rare so we took a closer look. On a bright green tablecloth, volunteer coach Ramon Hache had something special for his Division 6 girls team — an RSA cake from Carlo’s Bakery in Ridgewood.

Hache said he wanted to do something fun to acknowledge the team’s effort. “The girls work so hard during the season that I feel it is important for them to celebrate the season,” Hache said. “Besides, what kid doesn’t love cake?”

Ramon Hache, left, and his assistant coach Brian Cooke, with their RSA team. Photo: Tina York

The kids, no surprise, were buzzing before the game even started. “I spotted them around the cake just staring at it. They were very excited to finish the game and celebrate,” Hache added. Hache is two for two. This was the second cake he’s bought in two years of volunteering for RSA.

The half-eaten cake at the post-game celebration. Photo: Matt Richman

Hache looked back on the season with pride. “It was an amazing experience,” he said. “These are very important, formative years. We are building the foundation for tomorrow’s superstars.”

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Spot the Ball

The MLS website has a fun game that you can play at home.

Click here to go to the site and then click the photos to spot where you think the ball is. It’s harder than it looks!

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Sublime Assist Leads to BWP Goal

The Red Bulls tandem of Thierry Henry and Bradley Wright-Phillips yielded yet another superb goal yesterday. It started with both Henry and BWP at the halfway line and ended at D.C. United’s goal line. Well, behind the goal line, actually.

Watch as Henry and Wright-Phillips build and finish the attack in style, with the help of a little “dummy” from teammate Peguy Luyindula.

Some simple passing and extraordinary creativity resulted in a memorable goal.

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Rapinoe’s Perfect Spot Yields the Perfect Shot

The U.S. Women’s National Team proved their goal-scoring prowess yet again. Hosting Guatemala last week as part of the CONCACAF Women’s Championship — which serves as a qualifier for the 2015 Women’s World Cup — the U.S. scored four goals in the second half, resulting in a 5-0 victory. The fifth goal was a stunner from Megan Rapinoe. Watch as she moves into open space, lurks at the top of the penalty area, waits for a rebound and then sends a curling one-touch shot into the net.

Be sure to watch this clip a few times to see how Rapinoe moves. Young soccer players tend to crowd around the ball and this is the perfect example of how being in the right position away from the ball can result in a goal. Try this in your next RSA game!

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