Division 5 (Grades 3 & 4)


This is an in-town program (no traveling to other towns). It is a 90-minute session held on Saturdays, which combines practice and game time. An additional practice session with professional trainers will be held on a weekday afternoon.

Each Saturday, coaches work on game tactics and help inspire a sense of team among the players. The teams then participate in games of 6v6 (six players against six players, including goalies). The 6v6 game provides each child with increased touches on the ball. Players are expected to attend the full 90-minute session.

Weekday practice is designed to further develop the individual soccer skills introduced in the 1st & 2nd grade program.

Players receive a shirt, socks and shorts for game days (no ball). It is not necessary to wear uniforms to the weekday practice, but players may wear their uniforms to promote team pride. Soccer shoes (molded plastic/rubber cleats only, no football or baseball style) are recommended. Shin guards are mandatory.

Coaches will be notified of their team assignments and schedules shortly before Labor Day, at which time they will contact players’ families.